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Hifm EMS Sculpting
HIFM EMS Sculpting - Is electromagnetic energy for muscle strengthening and toning within a 30-minute session. Great for after liposuction or while losing weight. Helps lose fat and build muscle! 

  • One 30-minute Session $300

  • Five 30-minute Session $1200

  • Ten 60-minute Session $2100

80,000 Mega Hertz Cavitation
80,000 Mega Hertz Cavitation aims to break down fat cells in stubborn and hard to get areas of the body. The low frequency ultrasound helps break down fat cells into smaller cells which are then liquified and removed through your own lymphatic system. This is great while pursuing weight loss and for post op care six months after surgery.

  • 1 Session $150

  • 5 Sessions $600

  • 10 Sessions $1000

Thermal Energy Unit
Thermal Energy Unit is the latest device on the market that has several technologies in one device. These include thermal energy, colored light therapy, graphene technology and ozone therapy. One 30-minute session helps burn 300-400 calories (about 32 minutes of running) in one treatment. The temperature goes up to 90*C which is very helpful in improving lymph circulation, removes toxins and unnecessary water. It helps with weight loss. Can not be used until 60-90 days after liposuction surgery.

  • 1 Session $150

  • 5 Sessions $600

Aveli Cellulite Therapy
Aveli Cellulite Therapy - This procedure cuts septa bands below the skin's surface that cause cellulite dimples. It does not address other concerns often seen alongside cellulite such as skin lacity or excess fat, other treatment options can be included. Aveli treatment only.

  • $5000 Buttock Only

  • $7500 Buttock and Legs Only





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