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INfrared light Therapy
Helps decrease inflammation, bruising, and pain. Speeds up healing and significantly improves comfort during the early healing period. Infrared Therapy helps accelerate healing and ahas also been shown to stimulate the production of collagen, a protein that is important for healing.

  • 1 Session 15 min $75

  • 5 Session Package $300

  • 10 Session package $500

Massage Therapy

INdividual & Sphere lymphatic massage


Enhance healing with post-op lymphatic massage for optimal recovery after surgery.

  • One 60-minute Session $150

  • Five 60-minute Sessions $600

  • Ten 60-minute Sessions $1050

  • Pressure Sphere Lymphatic Massage

Pressure Sphere Lymphatic Massage is the latest cosmetic device to help in the post-op recovery for lymphatic therapy. Compression micro-vibration therapy, replaces the traditional method massage as it helps improve lymphatic drainage and circulation relieving soreness, breaking down scar tissue, reducing cellulite and improving post-operative contouring.

  • One 15-minute Session $60

  • Five 15-minute Sessions $240

  • Ten 15-minute Sessions $450

Potenza rf


Potenza RF Microneedling with Tiger Tip Technology performs like no other device on the market. It helps stimulate collagen, treats aging, fixes blemishes of the skin, tightens skin on most areas of the body including face and neck, and helps decrease scars after surgery. 

  • One Session $750

  • Three Sessions $1600

  • One Session including PRP $1000

  • Three Sessions Including PRP $2500

  • One Session with Tiger Tip and Ex-Mox Peptides $1500

  • Three Sessions with Tiger Tip and Ex-Mox Peptides $3500


MyEllevate procedure is different than a traditional neck lift procedure and is less invasive. This procedure helps contour the neck and defines the jaw line. This is performed awake with no general anesthesia. This procedure uses a permanent suture.

  • $9500 includes Renuvion and HD-Lipo





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